My name is Theresa Buck, owner of Effective Marketing Solutions. I bring with me an education in Business Administration and Marketing and over 25 years of work experience in the Rocky Mountain House area. I am a certified Content Marketing Specialist, and certified by the Hootsuite University for Social Media Management. My background also includes experience in; Marketing, Customer service, Sales and Communications.

Why am I so passionate about Social Media? Because with it, the possibilities are endless! You can do business anywhere, anytime! Consumers will find out about you, your products and services quicker than with any other form of marketing. Businesses can reach customers in their own homes, on their own time.

I love the area I have grown up in, and I’m excited to be able to help fellow business owners succeed and prosper.


• Promote fellow business owners

• Be a valuable resource

• Create awareness

• Embrace & drive change

• Build relationships within my community

• Be positive and inspire


Through Social Media and an online presence, assist in the growth and prosperity of my local community.

Contact Information

Phone: 403.844.6479 Email: